Patch 3.7 - Thanksgiving Event - #18

Patch 3.7 - Thanksgiving Event - #18

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Hello everyone!
I am excited to announce that the Thanksgiving Mini-Event is now live until November 29th!

The Turkey Hunt 🦃

Find a total of 8 lost Turkeys in spawn for rewards including in-game money and Turkey Legs, the event currency for this event.

This is a 'scavenger hunt' type minigame. You can find more information about this, as well as the first Turkey, by typing /thanksgiving in-game on the server.

Thanksgiving Quests & New Items 🦃

Two new quests have also been added for this mini event.
They can both be completed daily and will combined give you 3x Turkey Legs every day.

You can preview all quests in-game by typing /quest and navigating to the Miscellaneous Quest category.

The Turkey Legs can be spent on cosmetic titles, and a limited-time Pilgrim's Hat, and a very powerful Pristine-tiered Turkey Hunting Gun. (preview below)

All of the event items can only be earned from playing!


We are once again recruiting new staff members to the team.

If you wish to join the team then you can check out the #📚│applications Discord channel. Please ensure you follow all the listed requirements. You must be Atlas+ to see this channel. -