Patch 5.1 - The Night is Dark

Patch 5.1 - The Night is Dark

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Greetings, everyone! We're excited to announce that the first major update of Season 5 is now available. Let's dive into the update notes!


Prepare to defend Stormheim from the vile dire wolves and Fenrir itself during every full moon!

Similar to the previous season, the Fenrir event has returned and will now occur approximately once a month. The boss has undergone a revamp and now appears more fierce and true to the legendary Fenrir.

Complete Erik Wolfbane's quest to vanquish Fenrir and unlock these exciting cosmetics! Here's what you can expect from the updated boss:

  • New and challenging abilities
  • Revamped model for a more intimidating presence
  • An in-game timer now displays the countdown to the next Fenrir event
  • Defeating the boss rewards a generous amount of in-game currency and a Mythic Key
  • The first kill also grants a Head of Fenrir, which can be exchanged for exclusive cosmetics like the Fenrir Head hat and the prestigious Wolfbane title.
Fenrir Head Cosmetic


We're introducing new perks for several ranks, and the best part is, they come at no additional cost for those who have already unlocked the ranks.

Soar through the skies with the exclusive Phoenix Flying Mounts. These blazing phoenixes come in four different color variations, all accessible to Celestial rank players. Take a look at them below!

  • These can be flown around in areas such as Spawn, the Overworld, Nether, End, and other places where flight typically is not allowed.
  • They are astonishingly fast!

Furthermore, when breaking blocks, defeating monsters, and collecting similar items, they will now automatically go directly into your inventory. The new Telekinesis command toggle makes mining and gathering much more convenient.

Additionally, you can now auto-condense the materials you gather, greatly improving your quality of life and preventing inventory clutter.

  • Toggle Telekinesis with the command (/telekinesis or /ts)
  • Toggle Auto-condense with the command (/autocondense or /ac)


  • Platinum players can now transform into a Ghast using the (/disguise ghast) command.

Crowns Merchant

The Crowns Merchant has received an update with new loot. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates, but for now, enjoy the following additions:

  • June Cache is now available for Crowns.
  • Spawner Caches are now available for Crowns.

Minor Changes

Today the following minor changes and fixes are live:

  • You can no longer activate Guild skills during Spleef and Dance Party.
  • Dungeons are now active until the boss dies. This means you won't see the 'dungeon ended' after an hour of it being active.
  • Chop Chop now works on nether trees.
  • Skills Menu now stays open until manually closed.
  • Added Oak to Spruce conversion at Frostborne's Gatherer's Market.
  • Added smelting ores to the Miner job.
  • Disabled certain weapon abilities in Parkour (dash, teleport, etc.)

Throughout the week

Lots of changes have happened since release including:

  • Fixed issue with sethome limit
  • Fixed town sync issue
  • Fixed some impossible parkour jumps
  • Fixed /shop not working in survival worlds
  • Fixed players without a rank being able to get teleported into The End.
  • Fixed some cosmetic appearances not available in survival worlds.
  • Fixed caches not dropping loot in survival worlds.
  • Fixed being unable to link on Discord.
  • Fixed Kenobi's Lightsaber being able to kill other players in no-pvp zones.
  • Fixed being unable to equip the Warden Wings.
  • Valkyrie's Flying Horse mount is now available.
  • Fixed afk not counting playtime.
  • Fixed invasion quest.
  • Fixed crafter job having food.
  • Fixed being unable to generate map art.
  • Fixed being unable to mine cave spider and phantom spawners.
  • Fixed Online count in tab showing per world.
  • Added /maphide and /mapshow (browser map)
  • Added /tc alias for /town chat
  • Fixed spawner mining in the resource world.
  • Fixed jobs paying for player-placed blocks.
  • Added tab completion for /msg
  • Fixed /back not going to the last location.
  • Fixed issue with the playtime rewards to claim at the daily llama.
  • Minigames are now hourly instead of bi-hourly.
  • To prevent player abuse, there is now a 1-minute time limit to join Spleef or Dance Party. Only one round will be available.
  • Added Phantom to the Hunter job.
  • Added a list of which spawners can be mined to the wiki.
  • Added new leaderboards in the Hall of Fame.
  • Added many more Dire Wolf spawns around Stormheim for Erik Wolfbane's quest.
  • Added /frost to open up Frostborne Skills.
  • Added /settings for town settings management.
  • The Emissary now tells newcomers of the warp to each guild hideout.
  • The guild hideout warps are now closer to the pledge npcs.
  • Fixed /minigames in survival worlds. (will teleport)
  • Fixed Defense of Skald's Island quest not awarding a Heroic Key.
  • Fixed Infinite Parkour leaderboard and stats from season 4 not being wiped.
  • Fixed General Fox Combat pet being able to be killed by players and mobs.
  • Fixed some weapon abilities not counting towards Jobs Money, experience, dungeon damage, and similar.
  • Fixed the Conqueror of the Underworld quest objective being 5000 instead of its intended 500.
  • Fixed auctioned custom items not showing full item details.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors with auctions.
  • Typing /kit or /kits will now teleport you to the Rewards Llama.
  • Normal Dungeons now require an additional 250 Diamonds and 3x Malachite to activate.
  • Added a minimum 6-chunk town separation.
  • Added Heroic Dungeon Leaderboard at the Hall of Fame.
  • Fixed being able to enable PvP in towns and kill non-residents.
  • Adjusted second-place reward in Dungeon Leaderboards.
  • Fixed Nightsaber quest not unlocking the mount.
  • Fixed losing inventory when logging out on the death screen.
  • Fixed infinite parkour not giving rewards at high scores.
  • Fixed issue with the bank.
  • Fixed Dungeon Leaderboards at Hall of Fame not always counting.
  • Fixed cosmetics not always showing. If you still have issues try /cosmetic show
  • Fixed combat items not having hunter bonuses.
  • Significantly increased the speed of all mounts.
  • Flying mounts are now 4 times faster. Should also be faster than sprint flying with /fly
  • Ground mounts should now be faster than normal sprint speed and Frostborne's +60% speed.
  • The 'Open Crates' quests can now be completed endlessly instead of having a 1-month cooldown.
  • Removed Copper Blocks from the Crafter job.
  • Fixed the town bonus package in the Crowns Merchant not awarding the bonus.
  • Fixed visual glitch: 'The Grand Harvest Expedition' quest showing as completed if you had completed the 'Fruitful Delivery' quest at Farmer Henia
  • Removed Hay Bale from the Crafter job.
  • Changed how player shop data is stored.
  • You may need to re-create all your shop chests.
  • This unfortunately was a necessary change. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Fixed being unable to enter the Ruins of Khazad Dum dungeon
  • Invasion boss no longer flies.
  • Fixed Frostborne Speed being removed when entering the gates of Stormheim.
  • Fixed the settings button in /town showing the old interface.
  • Removed Dried Kelp from the Crafter Job.

We hope you enjoy these exciting updates and improvements.
See you in-game!