Patch 6.1 - Trial of the Gods

Patch 6.1 - Trial of the Gods

Greetings, everyone! The first major update of Season 6 is now available, bringing the new end-game minigame "Trial of the Gods", new store perks, improvements to dungeons, the release of Mythic Dungeons, several new heirlooms, new quests, and more!

Shinobi Ensemblement 🥷

Unlock the new Divine tiered Shinobi Ninja armor set and two Dagger weapons with their own exclusive custom abilities. This is one of the best sets and weapons currently obtainable. Now available with today's update.

Learn more by speaking to Nagato in spawn.

Trial of the Gods 🌟

This epic end-game challenge takes place within the sacred grounds of the spawn Colosseum, where players can engage in battles against challenging foes.

By visiting Leif the Explorer and pledging materials as an offering, players can initiate these trials. Upon doing so, one of three formidable bosses will be summoned to the Colosseum arena, presenting a significant challenge.

Victorious players will be richly rewarded with newly introduced Tier 7 artifacts, imbued with ancient powers, and the ultimate prize, a Tier 7.5 scythe weapon. Additional rewards include Mythic Keys, two exclusive combat pets, and various cosmetic items.

Learn more:

New Rank Perks 🚀

This patch also brings exciting new rank perks:

  • Unique $ Briefcase for Patrons
  • Unique Royal Frog mount for Patrons
  • 54 Slot Backpack for Patron+
  • /milk command for Erebus, clearing all effects.

Dungeons 🏰

Several changes and improvements to Dungeons are now live, including:

  • The 'rare drops' from dungeons have been vastly increased in drop chance.
  • Introduced 2nd and 3rd place leaderboard reward for Heroic and Mythic dungeons in the form of a Cosmetics Key.
  • Increased the damage dealt by enemies in Heroic and Mythic dungeons to more accurately fit their intended difficulty.
  • Added a variety of new deadly traps in Heroic and Mythic dungeons.
  • Increased the spawn rate of enemies in the Icemaw Digsite dungeon.

Mythic Dungeons 🐉

Furthermore, Mythic Dungeons are now available, including The Underworld and The Frozen Halls, with Dionysus' Garden set to unlock early next month.

New mobs have been added to the Underworld dungeon, along with many new items to earn. The Mythic Dungeons activate without any resource contributions every Saturday and Sunday.

Learn more:

Five New Quests 🔱

Embark on Skeletor the Reborn's quests, leveraging your vanilla expertise to unveil a range of rewards, such as up to 3 Rubies, an exclusive REBORN title, and other surprises. Unearth his cave hideout at spawn to kickstart your journey.

Other Changes 🌿

  • Added an animation effect to the Veiled Crystal and Crimson Ruby to make them more special
  • Resource pack update with new additions and fixes.
  • The Zeus armor set, available at Haldor the Haggler, has been slightly buffed to more accurately fit the Eternal tier.

See you on the server!