Patch 3.2 - Flames of the Nether - #9

Patch 3.2 - Flames of the Nether - #9
Flames of the Nether - Mythic Dungeon.

Greetings everyone! I'm excited to introduce you to the second major update of this new Season: Patch 3.2 - Flames of the Nether.

With today's update comes the introduction of the first Mythic (Hardcore) Dungeon which is the most difficult dungeon experience in the history of MINERAZE, along with several new additions to the Towns system, and more!

šŸ”„ Flames of the Nether (Mythic Dungeon)

Lore: Many eons ago, all remaining portals to the Underworld were sealed by the combined might of the Pantheon led by Zeus. When The Jailer, slayer of Mount Olympus, escaped Hades' grasp and the domain of the Underworld, a new rift to the domain opened. The Underworld is home to many vile demons, and one of the most dangerous ones is the Wither King. End his rule, and one of the Underworld's greatest kingdoms will crumble.

Objective: Enter the rift to the Underworld, and explore the domain of the Wither King. Enter the feasting castle, and put an end to the Wither King and his kingdom of torment.

Defeating the Wither King will be no easy challenge, and reaching his demonic citadel itself will be something not every hero will survive.

Quick facts

  • This dungeon is only active once per week. Every Saturday at 1 PM server time (EST).
  • The dungeon is extremely challenging. Without end-game gear and Path of the God talents, you'll have very little chance of surviving.
  • You must have the Voidwalker or Primordial rank to enter.
  • The Wither King spawns inside his citadel once 1000 monsters have been slain.
  • The dungeon lasts for 1 hour or until the boss has been slain once.
  • The Mythic Dungeon Crate can be found inside the Wither King's citadel. There is a 3 minute grace period after the dungeon has closed or been defeated, allowing you to open the crate.
  • The Mythic Dungeon Crate is an upgraded version of the normal dungeon crate. All items have an equal drop chance, and the Axe of Supremacy can also be found inside. Good odds to get high-tier equipment. More unique items will be added in future updates, too.
  • There is a dungeon quest awarding you with a Titan Key for slaying 500 monsters inside the dungeon. This quest can be repeated every 2 weeks.

TOWNS šŸ›ļø

I have heard your feedback on the new Towns system loud and clear, and today brings some highly requested new additions and fixes.

  • You can now assign outsiders to chunks inside your town.
  • You can now assign multiple players to the same chunk.
  • You can now view town claims on the browser maps.
  • You can now easily view plot information. (/plot info)
  • You can now claim chunks through the town map. (/map)
  • Fixed Ravager mob being able to destroy crops in claimed land.

To assign additional players to a specific plot, you must first assign a plot owner as currently with /plot assign. This will make them the "Plot Owner" of the specific chunk. Additional players can be added by either the Plot Owner, Town Trustees, or the Mayor. This is done with the new command: /plot trust (name). As requested by many, this also works for players not part of your town.

New Town Commands

  • /claim info - view information about the claim you're standing on.
  • /plot info - view information about the plot you're standing on.
  • /plot trust - trust a player to the plot you're standing on.
  • /plot untrust - untrust a player to the plot you're standing on.

More updates are also coming to the Towns system later in to-be-announced updates. This will include more customization such as toggling monster spawning and other settings in a neat easy-to-use GUI menu.


Recently the following changes were made to the Patron rank.

It is no longer a 'top donor of the month' rank which can only be held by a single person at any time. The rank is instead now awarded to any players who have spent ā‚¬1000 or more on the store from July 3rd, 2021 onward (Season 3 launch). Any package count towards this goal and this rank serves as an extra 'thank you' to the most generous supporters of the server. The rank comes with cosmetics and increased flight speed for exploring. There is no power with this rank.

With today's update, a new Patron cosmetic has been added. This cosmetic will also be available for players who reach Prestige Level 3 in-game. (prestige is an upcoming feature).

Patron Briefcase Cosmetic


This update also brings the following notable changes:

  • Added regional information bars to several areas such as Parkour Maps, Spawn, etcetera with useful information for beginners.
  • Drowned & Glow Squid Spawners can now be crafted at the forge.
  • The Tier 5 armor has two new set bonuses.
    * 10% chance to evade all incoming damage.
    * 10% increased Attack Speed.
    These set bonuses replace the vanilla experience amplifier (as it was not functional). If you already have a Tier 5 armor set, you can make a ticket on Discord to exchange it for the new version.
  • Fixed /tpaccept not working in spawn.

And throughout the week

  • Fisherman pay has been buffed by roughly 12 percent.
  • Farming sugarcane pay has been buffed by 10 percent.
  • Chronos now has access to a new command: /sell handall.
  • Fixed Towns not being able to progress to level 11.
  • Third place during Fishing Contests now receives $10,000 (was $2,000)
  • Fixed bug allowing muted players to evade.

That's all for now folks! Hope you enjoy this update and the challenge that awaits all end-game players. I have many more updates in development, and soon another major update will be released with new features and dozens of new custom items.

Stay tuned for more!