Patch 5.12 - Love Is In The Air

Patch 5.12 - Love Is In The Air

As the season of romance blossoms, we are thrilled to unveil our Valentine Event, a spellbinding experience draped in passion and charming adventures! šŸ’˜

This event is accessible to all until February 24th.

šŸ’Œ Special Valentine Promotion

Preview of the armor stats. This is the seasonal best gear.

Remember, once the festival concludes, these special goods will vanish like a love letter in the wind.

šŸ¹ Cupid's Challenge

The realms of our world are now graced by the presence of Cupid.

This celestial archer, appearing every 4 hours in the arena, offers a challenge of both heart and might. Defeat Cupid's Challenge to collect 2-3 Gold Coins and a Heart Cookie per victory.

šŸš€ New Quests

Embark on 5 new quests, each a unique story in our Valentine's Festival. These enchanting journeys are filled with romance, challenges, and rewards, offering event currency and more.šŸŒ¹šŸ’–

šŸ’• Valentine Exclusives

Our Valentine's Day celebration introduces a collection of bespoke items, each crafted with care and imbued with the essence of love. From the new Love Roses & Lyre Artifact to an array of tools, cosmetics, and romantic-themed furniture, there's something for every heart. Whether your aim is to conquer with love or decorate your domain with the elegance of affection, our Valentine collection offers it all.

Preview of the Valentine goods.

We invite you to lose yourself in the wonders of the Valentine Event and explore the plethora of new content and features. May your Valentine's journey be filled with passion, adventure, and unforgettable memories.