Happy Halloween, New Updates, and more! - #17

Happy Halloween, New Updates, and more! - #17

Server IP: play.mineraze.net
Website: https://www.mineraze.net/
Discord: discord.gg/mineraze

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Yesterday a new minor update was released which has solved a pressing issue with the "town data loading" oftentimes being reoccurring. This should greatly increase your gameplay experience.

Another new "Public Farm Flag" has also been added which is super useful for public farms, as it means outsiders only can break and place farming items such as crops, sugarcane, etcetera. as well as kill monsters. You can access this with /settings

Many more updates are also in development and will arrive soon. If you have suggestions for the next event: Christmas, you can also post on Discord and maybe your ideas will be implemented!

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event is also finishing next Tuesday, November 2nd. If you haven't already, make sure to earn the Halloween items you most desire before they become unobtainable. All of these items are vaultable, meaning they are permanent.

You can earn keys in-game from completing objectives and from: > https://store.mineraze.net/

Learn more about the event here: https://www.mineraze.net/patch-3-6-the-halloween-update/