Summer Sale & Promotion - #10

Summer Sale & Promotion - #10

Greetings everyone. This is a reminder that the Summer Event is ending this Wednesday, July 28th - don't miss out on your chance to unlock the exclusive event items and cosmetics before they become unobtainable!


Starting right now, there will be a limited-time store promotion until the Summer Event concludes.

Spending 35 EURO+ in a single payment will give you this exclusive and limited Scuba Diving Helmet + Axolotl Pet + an Axolotl chat pin!
Scuba Diving Helmet
Axolotl Pet + Scuba Helmet (pet has all color variations!)
Axolotl Chat Pin 


There is also a 10% OFF sale active on Summer Keys and all Cosmetics! This sale is active until July 28th. If you are still missing some Summer Event items, now is the last chance time to strike!

And finally, despite the major update 'Patch 3.2 - Flames of the Nether' which was released just last Friday, I am already working on the next major update, Patch 3.3, which will debut the Prestige system, dozens of new artifacts, and more. Stay tuned for more information on that! And if you haven't read about Friday's major update yet, you can check it out here: